Health & Nutrition

At our Medical Center Bendinat, we support you in finding a healthy and balanced diet that suits your current life situation.

In the case of certain chronic complaints or for the prevention of serious diseases such as diabetes mellitus or cardiovascular problems, the right diet or the adjustment of personal lifestyle habits plays a decisive role in the further course of health.

Especially in this day and age, we easily find ourselves in overkill. More and more people have a BMI above 30 (BMI – so-called body mass index) and this increased body weight often leads to a first encounter with medicine.

We see our assistance in prevention by performing an accurate body fat analysis, ultrasound examinations and laboratory diagnostics together with you. Depending on the findings, we will develop an individual plan for you as part of our nutritional counselling and provide you with simple assistance.

But deficiency symptoms are also occurring more and more frequently in our environment. An undersupply of trace elements such as iron or minerals such as vitamins can also indicate incorrect dietary habits and can be substituted if necessary.

Causes of undersupply can be:

  • long, severe infections
  • unbalanced and one-sided diet
  • vegan or other alternative diets
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • High age
  • intensive sports activity
  • Permanently high stress factor
  • Disturbance of digestion, absorption and utilization
  • regular alcohol and nicotine consumption
  • Taking medication

With a balanced and enjoyable diet, you provide your body with the energy it needs to stay healthy and feel good in the long run.

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