In Mallorca we have the great fortune to be able to do sports outside all year round.

We can go cycling, golfing, swimming, hiking and much more, all year round – in the open air.

But of course, extensive physical exertion in high temperatures also brings a special challenge.

On the one hand, we should choose the right time of day for our sport. The early morning hours are best for endurance sports. The air is not yet heated up from the day, the temperatures are pleasant and your own body is recovered from the night.

At other times of the day, the favorite sport can of course also be practiced, the own performance level is then only somewhat lower. You must please take this into account.

But the most important thing is drinking.
When we exercise, we lose vital salts and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. Our body needs these substances for its muscle and nerve metabolism. Headaches, muscle cramps or fatigue may be the first signs that your stores are not sufficiently filled.

I recommend you to take the popular apple juice spritzer, a non-alcoholic Alster water or salty drinks after and during the training.
However, in cases of severe fluid and electrolyte loss, i.e. after intensive training, the intake of minerals via beverages is not sufficient. In this case, a build-up infusion over 20 minutes helps to supply the body optimally and to be able to tackle the next training effectively.

Surprisingly, we also lose a lot of fluid while swimming. This is especially insidious because the pleasantly cool water makes us realize late that we are deficient in minerals and fluids.

I hope you enjoy your training – even in summer!

Your Dr. Miramanee Neumann and the team of Medical Center Bendinat- the best for your health and well-being!