If you want to prevent an infection with bacteria or viruses, you need to strengthen your immune system now.


As a doctor and a mother of three myself, I know a few tricks for you that you can comfortably do to protect yourself and your family from infection.


Zinc and vitamin C in particular protect against a cold.


Zinc: Prevents infections

Zinc is important so that the immune system can form antibodies against pathogens, for example so-called phagocytes. After contact with a pathogen, a high dose of zinc (approximately 100 milligrams per day) can still prevent infection in some cases. Especially much zinc is in fish, meat and dairy products.


Vitamin C: weaken the common cold

200 milligrams of vitamin C per day can weaken or shorten a cold. A lot of vitamin is contained, for example, in citrus fruits such as oranges and also in peppers.


Exercise in the fresh air strengthens the immune system.

Sport activates the body’s cells and boosts the immune system. At the same time, stress is reduced. Those who exercise outdoors do their bodies even more good. The fresh air boosts circulation and this supports the body’s defenses.


A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2021 suggests that exercise can also help specifically against severe corona progression. It draws on data from 50,000 Corona patients and concludes: People who hardly exercise have a higher risk of being hospitalized than people who exercise at least 150 minutes a week. 150 minutes of exercise can be easily integrated into everyday life: It’s enough, for example, if you go for a walk for a little more than 20 minutes every day.


And last but not least, the sauna – good for the heart, skin and immune system.

If you go to the sauna from time to time, you support your heart, skin and immune system. The body learns to regulate the change between hot and cold environments and is thus better prepared for temperature fluctuations in autumn and winter.


At Medical Center Bendinat, we naturally offer immune booster infusions and vaccinations.

You can also get a free consultation at any time about our offer to strengthen your personal defense against infections.


We are looking forward to your visit,

Yours, Dr. M. Neumann and the MCB team